Data collection, processing and protection Policy

From time to time Fire House Dance and Siren Fitness need to collect data from our clients, process it and store it. 

Data is collected in person, over the phone, via digital messaging and on www.firehousestudios.uk, which is a secure website.

Who we talk about in this policy

Data Controller is Howard Bullock and Heather Bullock for Fire House Dance and Siren Fitness.

Data Processor is Craven Digital Limited, who securely host our website and emails.

Data Subject is a client – and/or their parent/guardian if the client is under 18 – of Fire House Dance or Siren Fitness

A Client is any person attending a class/session/event with Fire House Dance or Siren Fitness and/or their parent/guardian if the client is under 18.

The key points of our policy

  • The data we collect:
    • is given voluntarily
    • is relevant and specific
    • is not sold to any third party
    • is not shared outside of Fire House Dance and Siren Fitness (with exception of social services, the emergency services or where required to by the Law, please see section below for more details)
    • is stored safely on protected digital devices and in locked filing cabinets.
    • will be destroyed after 12 months of the data subjects last attendance with either Siren Fitness or Fire House Dance with in accordance with our deletion policy.
  • The data subject (client or their parent/guardian if the client is a child) has the right to:
    • be informed about the data we collect, process and store.
    • view the data we store regarding them
    • be granted rectification of any data we store regarding them.
    • be granted erasure of any of the data we hold regarding them.
    • restrict processing of the data that is stored regarding them.

What data do we collect and how is it used?

For each client and/or parent/guardian of children we will collect NAME and CONTACT DETAILS such as phone number and email address.

We use this data to contact you about classes/sessions you attend to tell you about changes and give you information about that class/session. We may also contact you about events that you might be or are attending. We may let you know about classes/sessions/events that you might be interested in. We may also use these details to contact parents/guardians with regards to children they are responsible for.

For each client we collect the name and contact details of an emergency contact.

We use this data in case there is an emergency or situation affecting the client and their family member or other nominated person needs to be contacted on behalf of the client.

For each client we collect their age/date of birth.

We use this data to place the client in an age appropriate class/session/event for their age. We also use this data to keep our classes/sessions/events age appropriate where necessary.

For all clients we collect some health/fitness data. This could include past and present health conditions and operations, data about past and present injuries, data about pregnancies and births, data about allergies and medications.We use this data to keep our client’s health as safe possible.

We use the data to put the client into a setting that is appropriate to their fitness and health level. We use the data to advice the client not to (while at Fire House Studios or associated class/session/event) take part in any class/session/event or activity/exercise that might aggravate or worsen any health condition or injury they have. We store this data in case it is needed by the emergency services and the client cannot pass on the information themselves. This data is collected, processed and stored with the health and safety of the client in mind.

For some clients, further and more detailed health and fitness data may be collected. This is used in more specialised classes and sessions where the instructor needs to know detailed information. This may be data about the client’s current nutritional habits, lifestyle choices, physical measurements and results from fitness tests.

We use this data to keep clients safe in the more specialised classes and sessions. This data may also be used to write appropriate training programmes for clients and a way of comparing the results from retesting of fitness levels to show progressions and regressions. We use this data to be able to provide high quality and safe programmes for clients.

We also collect attendance data by using a register for each class/session or event.

We use this data in our financial accounting and as a record of who is in the building in case there is an emergency or event requiring a roll call.

For some clients we collect assessment, exam and test results. Race and timings results. Athletic test results and competition results.

This data is used to track progressions/improvements and regressions. It is used to compare with past results to help us adjust classes, sessions, programmes and events and make improvements to the service we provide.

Bank details/payment data

The only bank details we may collect, process and store are of those whom we at Fire House Dance and Siren Fitness are paying. For example (but not exhaustive); staff, rooms we hire, products we buy, services/licences/insurance we pay for. This data is received via invoices and bills. Invoices with our own details are sent out to our customers but we do not collect bank details from our customers. Invoices sent to us will be stored securely.

Data from Staff, volunteers and studio hirers

For anyone working at the studio or hiring our studio the data we collect is name, address and contact details. We also collect and process attendance details. We may also collect and store contracts and policy statements containing their details and signatures.

Data storage and removal

How is this stored?

Data that is recorded on paper is kept in a locked filing cabinet at Fire House Studios or at the home of Howard and Heather Bullock.

Data that is recorded digitally is stored through a secure website and email system (hosted by Craven Digital Limited on their servers) and using secured files on code locked devices.

Deletion Policy

Data is stored for 12 months after the client’s last attendance with Fire House Dance or Siren Fitness. Contact details and sensitive data (health and fitness data) will then be destroyed by deletion of digital files and emails and shredding of paper documents.

Is any data shared?

The data we collect, process and store is not sold to any third party. Data is not shared with anyone or any company outside of Fire House Studios or Siren Fitness. Data may be processed by Craven Digital Limited on our behalf, but the purpose is strictly restricted by our data processing agreement.

An exception may be made regarding some data in the event of it being needed by social services, the emergency services or where we are required to by law. In any of these events the data shared will be on a strict need to know basis and where ever possible with the knowledge of the data subject (client).

Who has access to stored data?

Named Instructors, teachers and volunteers who are acting directly for Siren Fitness or Fire House Dance will have access to registration information which include contact information, health and fitness information, emergency contact details and photo permission.

This data will only be accessed on a need to know basis when it is necessary for the details to be used. It will not be shared, copied, rectified or removed by these persons.

Named persons will have agreed to the Staff and Volunteer data protection policy

The named data controllers – Howard Bullock and Heather Bullock – will have access to ALL data. They will be able to rectify, remove, copy and delete this data.


Who can I contact regarding data collection, data processing and data protection?

Heather Bullock

Tel 07814 887 087



26 September 2018