Siren Fitness

Siren Fitness and Nutrition is a fitness service for women

We believe in fitness without fads or gimmicks. It has to fit in with everyday life, be achievable and sustainable. It has to be accessible to all regardless of experience and level of fitness.

Meet Heather

Siren fitness was founded by Heather Bullock. A mum of 3 who knows the struggles of getting fit around a busy family life all too well.

“Fitness has been a big part of my life from my early teenage years when I was training 6 days a week in Classical Ballet at Manchester’s Northern Ballet School and I’ve had to keep my fitness levels right up in my years as a professional dancer.

I went on to teach dance for many years and in that time I’ve had 3 children. After each one I had to get myself fit again ready for my active job. The only way to do this, is to fit it around family life or it just isn’t sustainable.

That’s what I help others do, get fit and stay fit. No gimmicks or tricks, just fitness that’s fun and achievable….. And that doesn’t have to involve the gym or lycra!”

Qualifications and Associations

Registered with REPS and association of Royal Society of Public Health

Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Nutrition

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Exercise for older adults

Level 3 Exercise for pre and post natal

Level 2 Gym instructor

Level 2 Exercise to music instructor

Level 2 Understanding mental well being

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All Siren Fitness classes are studio based and have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Everyone, whatever their level of fitness, can come and exercise and feel comfortable!

Skipton Fitness classes

Fire House Studios
Coach Street
BD23 1LQ

Gargrave Fitness classes

Gargrave Primary School
Neville Road
BD23 3RE

Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

Siren Fitness and Nutrition offers a personal training service that can be tailored to fit an individual’s needs. All Personal Training options start with a consultation to highlight goals and needs so a personal programme can be written for each individual session. Programmes are developed with aspects that can be repeated at home which means you get great value for money and advice on how to incorporate fitness into your everyday life so you get the most from the sessions.


Benefits of one to one training:

*Pinpoint personal goals

*Improve technique

*Exercise in private

*Exercise at a time to suit you

What is included

Full personal training package

*5 or 10 one hour, one to one private training sessions

*A FREE extra session for fitness testing and body composite analysis, diet analysis and goal setting

*A detailed diet analysis usign state of the art nutrition software to breakdown your nutrition into fat, carbohydrates and proteins PLUS all vitamins and minerals

*A personalised, progressive fitness programme to help you reach your goals including nutrition coaching

*Weekly emails including mini goals and a home workout plan

Train only package

*A 45min training session with a focus on your personal training priorities

*Improve technique or learn new exercises

*Motivation to help you acheive more

*No nutrition coaching/programming/weekly emails


5x personal training sessions £175

10x personal training sessions £330

Train only £25 per session

One-to-one training in F.L.E.C.S

This is charged at £35 per hour and can be one-to-one or small groups.  Sessions can be held at our private studio or in the comfort of your own home/venue.

Exercise classes

Dance Cardio

A dance-based aerobic work out


No dance experience necessary. Classic tunes old and new and some dance moves to match! This is suitable for beginners with medium levels of daily life activity. A fitness class that is usually full of giggles!


Gargrave (Gargrave Primary School)


Deep Core + Strengthening

Standing and mat exercises focusing on deep core muscles and posture.


Great for strengthening the pelvic floor and supportive muscles. Suitable for beginners.


Gargrave (Gargrave Primary School)


Ladies Circuits!

A strength and cardio training session in our Skipton fitness studio


A strength and cardio class in a circuit format


Skipton (Fire House Studios)


Over 60’s Exercise class

Circuit class and group stretching for ladies over 60


A circuit class of exercise to promote health, fitness, flexibility and strength in a ladies later years.  All done in a fun and friendly social setting.


Skipton (Fire House Studios)



Flexibility – Lengthening – Endurance – Core – Strength


This is a progressive class using swiss fitness balls where every exercise incorporates all the F.L.E.C.S elements.

F.L.E.C.S promotes strong, long and flexible muscles and improves balance, posture and core condition.  The classes are set to classical and relaxing music to help bring calm to the mind while the body works hard.

F.L.E.C.S runs in courses, usually of 10 weeks, and beginners are welcome to join the courses too.  Please contact us to find out when the next course begins.


Skipton (Fire House Studios)



High Intensity Interval Training  


30 minutes of fast paced strength and cardio exercises in a Hiit format


Skipton (Fire House Studios)


Postnatal classes

Heather has a specialist qualification in Pre and Postnatal exercise and has developed classes and exercises that are safe to do during pregnancy and in the postnatal period.  Please look at classes which are advertised as suitable for pregnancy and postnatal mums.  Heather also offers one-to-one sessions to pre and postnatal women.


Core Focus

(Suitable for back pain sufferers, postnatal women and those wanting to improve core function)


An exercise class focused on repairing and developing the core muscles to help support the spine and posture and regain function after events such as birth.  This class also involves gentle stretches to help release tension and promote functional movement.

This class is suitable to postnatal mums (from 6 weeks postpartum) and for ladies suffering from back pain.  The class has been developed with the expertise of Skipton Sports Injury Clinic.

Babies welcome


Skipton (Fire House Studios)


Bums, Tums and Tone

A group toning class


Strengthening exercises to improve tone of the bum, tum, legs and arms


Skipton (Fire House Studios)


Class costs and Payment

1 hour classes £7

45 minutes £6

30 minutes £5

Discounts apply on multiple class attendence or block booking

All classes or sessions can be paid for by cash, cheque, or instant bank transfer and pingit.
Sorry, no card payments accepted.


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